Dr. Jenne Saunders started off as a social worker, working with children, while working in social work she studied her degree in psychology, whilst working for social services, she often worked along side the police force, which involved working with young offenders, children in care, and child abuse cases, she continued to work in this field while then going on to study her PhD, this took a period of ten years of hard work, but whilst studying, she continued to work for 10 years until she obtained her PhD.

Dr. Jenne is also a professional Astrologer, Spiritualist, and Clairvoyant dealing with people's problems, and relationship issues. Combining these two areas together works very well on both sides, as one can compliment the other. She has often used her gift in police work in helping solve serious cases of crime. She also uses her psychologist skills when dealing with emotional and very sensitive cases and relationship issues. So, hand in hand her life experience and background gives her a unique insight into looking into situations from all angles.

Dr. Jenne deals with a lot of relationship problems and she has a great understanding of the way people speak to each other or write whether this is by email, letter or text, interpreting the hidden meaning behind what people are really trying to say.

She has worked in this field for over 28 years and has an amazing understanding of people just from their date of birth, which surprises people just on her knowledge alone, this has a great advantage when dealing with all the fields that Dr. Jenne specializes in.

Dr. Jenne's approach to her chosen fields of interested are a combination of her spiritual side also, so if you would like to approach your problems or situation from a modern angle Dr. Jenne would suit your requirements.

Dr. Jenne's services are based on telephone consultations. If this type of therapy does not suit your needs, please contact your local G.P. who is able to prescribe you the medication you require.

Dr. Jenne has put together some self-help information and relaxing music video's on this site, which you may find helps you to make that first move forward.

If you decide to book a consultation with Dr. Jenne you will find her very warm and sincere and she understands people very well. You will find you feel as though your speaking to a friend, she is very passionate about her work, and very down to earth in her manner of speaking, which puts anyone who speaks to her at ease.

Much love

Please note: Dr. Jenne can not prescribe any medication, the services she offers are ones of counselling and guidance, if you are in need of medication, please visit your local medical practitioner.