Dr. Jenne

This website was put together to help people who are feeling the daily pressures of life and to hopefully give you an understanding of how to deal with it or at the very least give you idea's of how you could make a start on taking those baby steps forward to a new way of thinking....

Stress has become a modern way of living in our daily lives, but there are many levels of stress. It is natural for us to experience small amounts, but it is not healthy when it takes over our complete way of thinking. If we choose to let it take over, it will drain us, taking away our confidence which will sadly stop us in our tracks of progression.

If we take the driving seat and take positive steps, as slowly as it crept in it will slowly fade away. Life is about what we choose to learn, education comes in many formats, believe it or not from the day you are born, you begin your first lesson in the university of life, being influenced by the people who are close to us. We copy cat their way of doing things, as how else does a baby move forward? They learn to understand kindness or cruelty, so like a baby is a sponge to water on picking up on the most sensitive emotions, we continue to carry on this way of education throughout our lives.

As we become older our memory stores this information from all that we experience, so if we lead a life of unsettlement from whichever angle, it becomes learned behaviour which then can weigh very heavy on our shoulders, which in return becomes a habit forming condition that we all know as stress. Some people can easily push it away, but I would say 50% of people find it very difficult, due to ignoring the signs for many years, because they have no choice. Its never to late to take back control of your life, at whatever age as we learn to talk and walk as a baby we learn to do the same as an adult to change our way of thinking, remember the words, ""Baby Steps, Baby Steps".

As we took our first breath from the day of our birth, we can also learn to breathe in a way to help us on the road to recovery, remember nothing is impossible, positive thinking, visualisation of a better life is only a few seconds away. When you decide what you will eat from the moment you wake up to what you will wear is what you decide and no one else, so if we use that same train of thought in our daily lives, those baby steps of positive thinking will take you on your next journey to a better way of life.

I hope you will enjoy some of the topics on my website, with some self help advice, if you feel you would like to speak to me in person that can also be arranged by clicking on my services page, but until then please enjoy the free help and advise offered on my site.